Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Raindrops, Converse & George- A Morning with the Sperry's at Loose Park!

"Let's go for it" Stacey said an hour before our session last Friday.  It had been storming all morning and we were discussing our options for other sites or if we were going to have to decide on a rain date.  We were praying for a break in the clouds and it seemed we would have just enough time to squeeze in the family session at Loose Park.  With two energetic boys in tow, it was great to hear Stacey and Ryan were up for the adventure!

The time flew by as the boys dodged raindrops, huddled under the umbrella and even danced in the rain.  Tate's friend George made a special guest appearance and when Tate got tired of being in front of the camera, a juice box was just the thing to perk him up to finish out the shoot.  (Sometimes the talent just needs a break!)  While the boys had matching shoes, Stacey pulled out her converse for a matching shoe moment with Brock (he'll appreciate having such a cool mom when he gets older)!  Here's just a sneak peek of some of the fun moments!

Thanks Sperry's for another great session!

Allie Coyle
Kansas City Photographer

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