Friday, May 4, 2012

Girl VS. Risotto

I always enjoy tackling new recipes (Gabe appreciates a break from the 4 dish rotation as well), but this week I tried a recipe that I knew would give me a run for my money... in fact, I feared it would win.  The recipe?  Risotto Primavera.

I've heard rumors about this finicky pasta, but my inner 1/4 Italian heritage urged me to give it a whirl. (In Italy, I had to make sure to get pictures of The Port of Naples since that's where Nana's family is from!)

I opened the Italian Favorites cookbook and found the vegetable filled risotto looked so good on the page (I tend to pick the recipes that have pictures), I had to try it.  Fresh asparagus, onion, red bell pepper and yellow zucchini made this a bright dish that had me thinking I'll be making it a lot this summer.  It just looked festive!  (Of course I left out the mushrooms... which I'm sure would've added more flavor, but I didn't feel like picking around them... maybe someday I'll grow up and like mushrooms.  Maybe not.)

Anyway, I found support from friends on FB who gave me a boost of confidence and I went for it.  It took what seemed like forever, and lots of stirring, but finally it was done!  I also found a great recipe from the same cookbook for a Neapolitan specialty, steak with tomatoes and oregano, which went well with the risotto.  I think Nana would be proud!

It turned out well!  Gabe gave it two thumbs up and called it "delicious... one of his favorites," so I think it was a success.  Although there's not much to compare it to, but I'll take it!

Allie Coyle
Kansas City Photographer


  1. Allie, this looks delish. I'm impressed!

  2. Thanks Mara! It turned out pretty good and seemed healthy too with all the veggies!