Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Fresh Look at Pasta

This past week's fresh from the market recipe was one of high hopes and lessons learned.  I was thrilled by the thought of making my own pasta sauce and had visions of a hearty and smoky sauce like my Italian grandma makes that leaves your taste buds overwhelmed by layers of flavor and utter delight.  I was excited.

Gabe and I ventured to The City Market after enjoying a lazy Saturday morning sipping our coffee and not "having to go anywhere", which, by the way, are my favorite kinds of Saturdays.  We stocked up on our fresh fruit for the week, which included grapes for the next recipe, and sifted our way through the crowds till we spotted our main ingredient... the plum tomato.

Spaghettini with Fresh Plum Tomato Sauce was on our minds and I couldn't wait to try out this dish!  I had never seen spaghettini in the grocery store, so we headed to The City Market's Italian store, Carollo's Gourmet Grocery, which of course has a million different types of pastas, olive oils and other imported Italian favorites.  We also picked up a block of fresh Parmesan to top off our pasta!

The recipe called for fresh basil, which we picked from our own herb garden and I was off to cooking!  About half way through, I realized that the sauce was looking really watery and that overlooking the part of the recipe that said to cut the tomatoes lengthwise and seed, was probably the cause.  Suddenly my dreams of Nana's pasta sauce was coming to a halt and I was now trying to remedy the situation.  I drained some of the excess water and hoped for the best!

I guess this sauce was actually never intended to be that hearty, smoky, make your taste buds dance type of sauce, but as the name of the recipe suggested; a more fresh tomato taste.  So, it turned out good and simple.  There weren't layers of overwhelming flavor, but a very fresh from the garden tomato flavor... and it ended up looking pretty, so I was pleased.

Lesson Learned:  Follow each step of the recipe!

I'm learning that not every recipe will turn out as expected, but being flexible and enjoying how things turn out is key to happiness in the kitchen!

Buon Appetito!

Oh, and while I am enjoying this new found hobby of cooking; if you are in need of a Kansas City photographer for family sessions, senior pictures or whatever; feel free to let me know!  I'd love to work with you!

Allie Coyle
Kansas City Photographer

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